Over 96.15% of over 18-year-old citizens are partly vaccinated

09/26/2021 5:00 PM

VGP – As of late September 26, 96.15% of over 18-year-old population in Ha Noi had been partially vaccinated, according to the local Health Department.

So far, over 6.8 million doses of vaccines had been administered in the Capital including 5.78 million partially vaccinated people (96.15%) and over 1 million fully vaccinated others (over 17%).

The city reported zero local infections from 6:00 PM of September 26 to 6:00 AM of September 27. Especially, Ha Noi reported the lowest number of new local infections. 

Since April 27 when the fourth wave of COVID-19 resurgence broke out, 3,965 local infections have been detected including 1,601 unlinked cases and 2,364 others in quarantine areas.

The city also crafted four teaching scenarios in response to COVID-19 pandemic.  Particularly, these scenarios opened the door for students of grade 6, grade 9, grade 10, and grade 12 in “green zones” where disease outbreaks  to resume physical study./.

By Kim Loan