Historical inner city planning approved

March 22, 2021 12:00 AM GMT+7

The municipal authorities of Ha Noi officially announced a planning of historical inner city at the ratio of 1/2000 covering four districts namely Hoan Kiem, Ba Dinh, Dong Da, and Hai Ba Trung on March 22.

Addressing the event, Vice Chairman of the Ha Noi municipal People’s Committee Duong Duc Tuan said that the historical inner city planning laid out a legal framework for the city to clarify construction projects, compose zone plannings in detail, embellish urban areas, attract domestic and foreign investment and promote socio-economic development. 

According to the Department of Ha Noi City Planning and Architecture, the planning comprises six zone planning projects H1-1 (A, B, C) in the ancient streets of Hoan Kiem district, H1-2 project in Ba Dinh district, H1-3 project in Dong Da district and Hai Ba Trung district, H1-4 project in Hai Ba Trung district with a total area of 2,700 hectares. 

The planning targets to reduce the local population from 887,000 (in 2009) to 672,000 by 2030, and improve social and technical infrastructure. 

Specifically, the Ha Noi Old Quarter (Urban zone planning H1-1A) represents historical and cultural values with key functions of trade, service, tourism, and public works for the residential community. 

Hoan Kiem Lake area and surrounding areas (Urban zone planning H101B) are the famous scenic region of Ha Noi, serving as the hub of culture, administration, trade, service, tourism, and public work for residential community, cultural, historical and religious relics. 

Old streets (Urban zone planning H1-1C and parts of Urban zone planning H1-2, H1-3, H1-4) are ancient urban areas with a series of historical, cultureal, and architectural projects. Key functions include cultural, historical and religious relics, villas, houses, offices, service, trade, finance, culture, healthcare, and other public ones. 

In limited development area (in the rest of Urban zone planning H1-2, H1-3, H1-4), the planning targets to limit construction of high buildings.

Specifically, urban public land has a total area of 284.54 hectares (accounting for 10.89%) including land for trees and water with 4.39m2 per capita. Urban traffic land is 471,22hectares (18.04%).  

As scheduled, Ha Noi will soon approve another subvision planning project for riverside city on both sides of the Hong (Red) River./.