Ha Noi to radically and comprehensively renovate construction planning

August 27, 2020 9:00 AM GMT+7

VGP – Ha Noi’s major construction orientation in the near future is to radically and comprehensively renovate the planning work and the management of plans aiming to facilitate smart sustainable city development.

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Accordingly, the capital will focus on synchronously developing and expanding the scale of its urban infrastructure system, in addition to investing in expanding urban areas, building a number of satellite cities and smart cities, strengthening land and environmental management, and building urban discipline and civilization.

Minister of Construction Pham Hong Ha suggested that Ha Noi should accelerate the progress of making detailed planning, which now reaches only 17%. 

In this process, the city needs to coordinate with the Ministry of Construction (MOC) to determine which areas need 1/500-cale detailed planning, he said, stating that the MOC will assist Ha Noi in planning rural areas, especially the rural districts which are set to be promoted to urban districts.

Ha also recommended Ha Noi immediately adjust regulations on the height of buildings work, especially in the four historical inner-city districts, to suit the reality, as well as focusing on making underground space planning.

With regard to housing development, the minister said that currently, 3.4 per 1,000 households in Ha Noi can’t afford their own houses, while 0.9% of houses are simple and semi-permanent. Given that fact, in the next tenure, Ha Noi should set a goal of eliminating simple and semi-permanent houses and ensuring every household possesses their own house.

In addition, Ha suggested Ha Noi build regulations on management of the city’s architecture and some highlights. “This is a difficult job and the ministry will coordinate with Ha Noi to realize it. In the short term, the city needs to immediately establish a Council of Architecture.”

By Vien Nhu