Ha Noi moves up five places in PAPI


VGP – The capital city of Ha Noi climbed five places to 48th out of 63 cities and provinces nationwide regarding the aggregate 2020 Provincial Governance and Public Administration Performance Index (PAPI) results, with a total score of 41.629.

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The 2020 PAPI Report, released by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) on April 14, provides an overview of aggregate performance across provinces, calculated by adding up each province’s scores in the eight PAPI dimensions.

According to a representative of the PAPI Research Team, the aggregate PAPI results will allow provinces to assess how they perform relative to others with similar socio-economic and geographic endowments. In order to capture what the people are satisfied or dissatisfied with, the leaders of the authorities at all levels and the heads of local agencies and departments will need to refer to the results across more than 120 specific indicators.

Among the eight dimensions, Ha Noi scored the most points in “Public Administrative Procedures” with 7.169, followed by the dimension “Public Service Delivery” (6.870), “Control of Corruption in the Public Sector” (6.598), “Transparency in Local Decision-making” (5.244), “Participation at Local Levels” (5.059), “Vertical Accountability Towards Citizens” (4.812), “Environmental Governance” (2.959), and “E-Governance” (2.918).

Analysis showed that Ha Noi’s performance improved significantly in four dimensions in 2020 compared to the previous year, increasing by 8.86% in “Environmental Governance”, 7.7% in “Control of Corruption in the Public Sector”, 5.19% in “Vertical Accountability Towards Citizens”, and 5.16% in “Transparency in Local Decision-making”.

However, the city still “stood still” regarding the three dimensions of “Participation at Local Levels”, “Public Administrative Procedures”, and “Public Service Delivery”. 

By Vien Nhu