Capital determines to improving residents' lives by 2030

June 25, 2024 11:05 AM GMT+7

VGP - The authorities of Ha Noi have approved a plan to improve the lives of its residents across various levels by 2030.

Capital determines to improving residents' lives by 2030- Ảnh 1.

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Specific targets include ensuring veterans and their families on monthly allowances have comfortable conditions of living, above the average in their communities.

The city aims to slash unemployment rates to below 3.0 percent overall and below 3.5 percent in urban areas while it aims to train at least 80 percent of the workforce.

Social security is also a significant piece of the puzzle. The plan aims for a substantial portion of the working-age population to participate in social and unemployment insurance schemes. Beyond working years, it also strives to provide a secure future for retirees, with a target of 65% receiving regular pensions and social support.

The average life expectancy is expected to reach 77 years, with a minimum of 68 years spent in good health. Expanding health insurance coverage to 98 percent and encouraging residents to use primary care services are crucial steps towards achieving this goal.

Hanoi residents can expect a significant improvement in living space, with the average square footage per person being 32 sq m.

The city plans to develop a staggering 2.5 million sq m of new social housing. This includes the construction of one to two independent social housing complexes, along with the most noteworthy commitment, ensuring every industrial and export processing zone in the city has access to social housing.

The success of the program hinges on it being implemented so authorities have urged all relevant agencies to put the plan into action./.

Khanh Phuong