Capital crafts plan in response to Omicron variant

December 28, 2021 4:00 PM GMT+7

VGP - Vice Chairman of the Hanoi People's Committee Chu Xuan Dung on December 27 signed and issued a plan on responding to the new variant of SARS-CoV-2 Omicron in the city.

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The plan targets to effectively implement measures to prevent the Omicron variant from entering, detect the earliest occurrence of this variant in the city, and prepare plans to control and intervene in order to minimize the impact of the pandemic on people's health and socio-economic activities if the variant is detected in the locality.

The municipal People’s Committee set tasks and measures, focusing on strengthening quarantine supervision at Noi Bai international airport; fostering surveillance and early detection of suspected cases of Omicron variant in residential areas, agencies, factories, enterprises; organizing supervision through testing to early detect cases of Omicron variant infections.

The city will update relevant information and keep close watch on the development of the variant the world; fully and promptly administer additional doses and booster doses of COVID-19 vaccines in line with the guidance of the Ministry of Health.

In addition, the city will synchronously deploy pandemic prevention and control systems at all levels; effectively arrange mobile medical stations and groups to care for COVID-19 patients in the community; and continuously maintain disease prevention measures.

The city People's Committee requested the municipal Department of Health to direct relevant units to well perform professional activities in pandemic prevention and control, and support relevant agencies in districts and towns to implement synchronously and effectively COVID-19 prevention and control activities. 

The municipal Department of Health is also responsible for coordinating with People’s Committees of districts and towns to administer additional and booster shots of COVID-19 vaccines for priority and high-risk groups in accordance with the guidance of the Ministry of Health. 

The Department was assigned to prepare plans to arrange hospital beds for receiving and treating COVID-19 patients as the number of infections continues to increase rapidly, and ensure adequate equipment, supplies, chemicals and medicines for the effort.

Omicron, first identified in late November, has raised fresh alarms due to its high number of mutations and higher transmissibility. The variant has now been reported by more than 110 countries and territories, including many in the Asia-Pacific like Australia, Japan, Singapore and the Republic of Korea./.