Bust of first Dominican President inaugurated


VGP - A bust of Juan Bosch (1909 – 2001), leader of the national liberation movement in Latin America and first President of the Dominican Republic, was unveiled at Hoa Binh Park in Ha Noi

Addressing the ceremony, President of the Viet Nam Fatherland Front Central Committee Tran Thanh Man said Professor Juan Bosch supported and absolutely trusted President Ho Chi Minh’s leadership in the struggle for national liberation and reunification of Viet Nam.

Mr. Man said that Bosch was also one of the first leaders to sow the seeds of solidarity and friendship between two countries.

The inauguration of the bust in Ha Noi will help promote the friendship between the two nations’ people and help more Vietnamese people further understand the life and career of Juan Bosch as well as the Dominican Republic, Man noted.

General Secretary of the Dominican Republic’s United Left Movement Miguel Mejia, who is also Minister for Regional Integration Policies, said that his country is honoured by the construction of the bust.

He said his country has built a park named after President Ho Chi Minh and a bust of the late Vietnamese President. The Dominican people respect and consider President Ho Chi Minh as a bright example of fighting for freedom and building the great national unity bloc, he said.

Mejia affirmed that it is an honour for the Dominican Republic to have a bust of Juan Bosch in Ha Noi, and this is a critically important event in the bilateral relations.

By Vien Nhu