450 cameras placed to observe traffic violations

12/23/2015 4:07 PM

VGP - About 450 cameras have been placed at more than 150 intersections in the city since early this December, according to the Ha Noi Traffic Police Division.




A total of 50 LED screens open from 7am to 10pm every day at the Ha Noi Traffic Controlling Centre to receive images and data of traffic violations. Police working at the centre connect with the police on duty at intersections to discuss the violations and issue proper penalties.


Under the programme, the cameras record images of the violators, their vehicle plate numbers, and the time and place of the violations, which are then transmitted to the centre.

The Hanoi Traffic Police Division said after the surveillance camera programme went into effect from the beginning of December, the police issued fines to more than 200 drivers violating traffic regulations.

Major Pham Quang Minh who is the second in charge of managing traffic lights in Ha Noi, said smart cameras automatically notice and record traffic violations such as drivers blowing through red lights, driving in the wrong lane or driving a motorbike without a crash helmet.

In cases where traffic violations cause chaos or have criminal implications, actual officers will be dispatched to the site immediately, a source said.

Beside using images from the cameras, the police also received images recorded by residents that showed traffic violations. The police use those images as a basis to issue fines to violators.

The cameras are incorporated into traffic lights and programmed to capture traffic violations, the vehicles’ license plates, the date and time, as well as to measure traffic flow.

Officers then print out the photos and send them to the vehicle's registered owner to summon them for punishment.

                                                                                                                By Ngoc Van