Underprivileged children enjoy full moon festival


VGP – The Ha Noi municipal People’s Committee held a full moon festival for 1,000 difficult underprivileged children who represent over 1.8 million local children on September 9 in Ha Noi. 

Chairman of the Ha Noi municipal People’s Committee Nguyen Duc Chung presents gifts to underprivileged children

The event drew the attendance of Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Ha Noi municipal People’s Committee Nguyen Duc Chung and  Ngo Van Quy, respectively.   

Addressing the opening ceremony, Mr. Quy said that full moon festival has become a beautiful culture of Vietnamese people in general and local ones in ha Noi. 

The festival provides a good chance to educate children about the significance and cultural identity and raise the roles and responsibilities of the authorities, unions, and the social community for children. 

The Ha Noi municipal People’s Committee acknowledged the importance of the festival and made good preparation for it. 

In June, the People’s Committee issued a plan which directed departments, agencies, sectors, unions, grass-root local authorities to prepare for full moon festival especially attaching importance to poor, ethnic minority, and disadvantaged children. 

Vice Chairman Quy praised the children at the fuction especially those who overcame difficulties to achieve high study performance and set bright examples for other peers. 

The local leaders presented 1,000 gifts for participants in order to enable them to overcome difficulties. 

On this occasion, the Ha Noi Children’s Fund and sponsors presented 13 bicycles for 13 disadvantaged children who overcame difficulties and studied well. Ten others who had special circumstances but overcame difficulties, were given scholarships./. 

By Kim Anh