RoK tourism promoted in Ha Noi


VGP - Vietnamese tourists can experience a trip to the Republic of Korea (RoK) through an event entitled “Hi! Korea” which is underway in Ha Noi.

Illustration photo

The event was hosted by the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) in the context of travel restrictions due to Covid-19, introducing the Korean tourism and culture and offering a virtual tour to the RoK.

Head of KTO Viet Nam Park Jong-sun said this event is expected to bring the most authentic Korean travel experiences to visitors, drawing back the attention of Vietnamese tourists to Korean destinations.

Viet Nam has always been a key source market for Korean tourism. KTO and other travel companies will promote efforts to revive the tourism market in both two countries, he added.

Visitors can join mini-games to win prizes, wear Korean traditional clothes, learn to make handicraft souvenirs and discover the country through virtual reality (VR) technology.

In addition, special events will take place to introduce different themes of Korean tourism such as a photo exhibition, K-pop cover dance, a quiz show, Halloween and Pepero Day (Korean Valentine’s Day).

In the recent years, the number of Vietnamese tourists visiting the RoK rose about 40% per year, making Viet Nam one of the major markets of the RoK.

At the programme, the organising board introduced new destinations in the RoK and a new tour to attract more Hanoians who are interested in the culture, entertainment and beauty sectors of the RoK.

The event runs until December 6./.

By Vien Nhu