HN targets 7.5% GRDP growth rate by 2020


VGP – The capital city of Ha Noi aims to achieve a 7.5% Gross Regional Domestic Product (GRDP) growth rate by 2020.

HN to issue international driving licenses online


VGP - The Ha Noi Department of Transport will provide a level-four online service for issuing international driving licenses from the first quarter of 2018 as part of the city’s administrative reforms to save time and money for citizens.

HN strives for 7.3-7.8% economic growth in 2018


VGP – The authorities of Ha Noi has selected a theme for 2018 - "Raising validity and operational effect of the political system” to implement the 2016-2020 development plan. 


Double-decker sightseeing buses expect to attract tourists


VGP – After nearly five months of trial, double-decker sightseeing buses in Ha Noi have received positive feedback from local residents, promising to lure more tourists to the Capital City. 


Local authorities craft anti-flood master scheme


VGP –  The local authorities of Ha Noi is drafting a 500-year flood cycle scheme to protect downtown Ha Noi.  

HN to install additional 70 air monitoring stations


VGP – Ha Noi plans to install an additional 70 air monitoring stations to improve air quality, according to the municipal Department of Natural Resources and Environment.

HN beefs up goods linkages with other localities


VGP – The Ha Noi municipal Peoples Committee has recently issued a plan to strengthen supply and demand linkages of goods between Ha Noi and other provinces and cities in 2017.


HN limits personal vehicles, develops public transports


VGP - Ha Noi prioritizes developing an overall public transport system under a project enhancing vehicle management to ease transport congestion and environmental pollution in 2017-2020 towards 2030. 

Ha Noi works to boost private economic development


VGP – The authorities of Ha Noi are determined to encourage the development of the private economic sector and business start-up with a view to having 200,000 newly established private businesses in the 2017-2020 period.


Private sector encouraged to develop public Wi-Fi system


VGP – The Ha Noi Department of Information and Communications has released an official document on installment of a public Wi-Fi in social engagement model.