Over 2,500 agricultural products get QR codes


VGP – So far, the local authorities has granted QR codes for over 2,500 agricultural products, aiming to support agricultural producers to ensure sources of origin of their products and back customers to control food origins. 

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The local authorities are implementing Directive 13/CT-TTg, dated May 9, 2016 on food safety. 

Since the beginning of the year, the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development has implemented big programs and projects on food safety. 

Noticeably, large-scale agricultural cultivation regions have been formulated in accordance with VietGAP standards with over 225 hectares. Ha Noi houses 76 key breeding communes, 4,276 farms, and 25 aquaculture areas. 

So far, the local authorities have granted over 2,500 QR codes and more than 5 million traceability stamps on safe agricultural products. 

The Department of Industry and Trade has worked closely with the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, relevant departments and agencies to maintain and develop production chains and safe and hygiene products at supermarkets, convenient stores, markets. 

Competent agencies have maintained 121 hygiene food link chains from production to consumption. 

In addition, the city also organized conferences on agro-forestry-fishery connectivity with 21 provinces and cities and introduced an agricultural distribution system./. 

By Kim Loan