Local people ready for Ethanol E5


VGP - Since January 1, 2018, ethanol E5 has replaced completely RON 92 nationwide. So far, all petrol stations have seriously complied with the regulation and people are ready to use the biofuel. 

Illustration photo

At PVOil and Petrolimex petro stations in Ha Noi, E5 biofuel charges VND 18,243 per liter, or VND 1,000 per liter cheaper than A95. A large number of private petrol business enterprises have seriously complied with the regulation on switching from RON A92 petrol to biofuel E5 before or on schedule. 

According to calculations by the Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT), from the beginning of 2018 when RON A92 petrol disappears, the country will need about 5.5 million cubic metre of E5 fuel. This means creating 250,000-270,000 tons of Ethanol E100 as the raw material for bio-fuel blending.

MOIT forecasts that the domestic supply of E100 will reach about 520,000 cubic meters per year to be able to meet the demand for the blend of the new environmentally friendlier E5 fuel, a mix of A92 petrol (95%) and Ethanol E100 (5%).


By Kim Loan