Japanese carp released into To Lich River


VGP - Japanese Koi and Vietnamese Tam Duong carp were released into the To Lich River and West Lake in Ha Noi on September 16.

Japanese experts release the fish at the To Lich River

Environmental experts from Japan and Viet Nam released the fish at the two sections of the To Lich River and West Lake which have been treated for pollution with Nano-Bioreactor technology.

President of JVE Company Nguyen Tuan Anh reported that the company released 50 Japanese Koi and 50 Vietnamese Tam Duong carp to the fourth water sample in the To Lich River. 

In addition, 50 Japanese Koi carp and 100 Tam Duong carp were freed to the West Lake. 

The To Lich River is known for its heady fragrance and death-black palette. The 14-kilometer river currently suffers from intense levels of pollution, largely as a result of both industrial and household effluence, which flows directly into the water.

Over the last few years, both local and foreign volunteers have attempted to clean up the river, and rafts of floating plants have been added, but it remains in a putrid state. Ecologists even claim the river is effectively “dead.” 

The Japanese company helped cleanse  a section of the To Lich River using a new form of biotechnology.

Japanese environmental experts reported that both Japanese Koi and Vietnamese Tam Duong carp must live in clean water. If the water resource is polluted, carp will die. However, after the pilot period, the water resource met Viet Nam’s standards and provided favorable environment for the two species. 

A representative from the To Lich cleanup project said that the office would collect samples to analyze and announce outcomes after ten days. The outcomes will be reported to the PM, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, the Ha Noi municipal People’s Committee, and relevant agencies. 

Earlier, on May 16, Ha Noi launched the pilot cleanup project for the To Lich River and West Lake with a new form of biotechnology -  Bioreactor./.

By Kim Anh