HN yet caught up with regional peers in guest attraction


VGP – In comparison with Ha Noi, the number of international guests to Hong Kong (China) was four times higher, 3.5-fold in Bangkok (Thailand), 3-fold in Singapore, 2-fold in Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), the Ha Noi Tourism Department reported.

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The Department announced a survey on the number of foreign arrivals to Ha Noi, on January 16. 

The survey showed that the number of foreign visitors to Ha Noi was lower than that of other big cities in the region and the world. 

Specifically, the number of foreign guests to Hong Kong (China) was four times higher than Ha Noi; Bangkok (Thailand) 3.5 times; Singapore 3 times; Kuala Lumpur 2 times.  

In 2019, Ha Noi welcomed 7.02 million international guests, representing a year-on-year growth of 17%. 

However, the number of foreign arrivals to Ha Noi was much higher than that of other Southeast Asian country including Jakarta (Indonesia), Phnom Penh (Cambodia), Vientiane (Laos).

In 2019, average spending of foreign visitors was US$ 119.8, up 7% against 2018. 

According to a statistic data of Mastercard’s Top 20 Asia-Pacific destinations for international travelers, Ha Noi’s tourism quality showed signs of improvement as the number of  

Ha Noi is in 15th position and Ho Chi Minh City in 18th among Mastercard’s top 20 Asia-Pacific destinations for international travelers, the length of stay in Ha Noi was 3.67 days, higher than Dubai with 3.5 days. 

The survey found out that visitors to Ha Noi (both international and domestic) belonged to the group of 18-44 years old, especially 25-34 years old. 

Up to 1.7 international guests and 3.2% of domestic visitors responded that they were extremely unsatisfied with transport services. Meanwhile, 1.9% of foreign arrivals and 2.6% of domestic guests were not pleased with shopping services. In addition, 0.8% of international visitors and 1.1% of domestic guests were unsatisfied with entertainment services. 

The survey suggested Ha Noi continue researching new measures to perfect tourism services in Ha Noi; attract domestic and international guests; ensure the business environment; develop smart tourism./. 

By Kim Anh