HN to have 81 air monitoring stations by late 2020


VGP – Ha Noi targeted to completely install 81 air monitoring stations in an effort to protect the environment and support local residents to supervise air quality. 

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Director of Ha Noi’s Natural Resources and Environment Department Nguyen Trong Dong reported that Ha Noi coped with increasingly polluted air due to extreme bad weather in January. 

In addition, before Tet holidays, the  rising number of transport vehicles, faster progress of construction projects, and garbage burning made the air quality worsen. Higher demands for votive paper burning at the year-end and new year also caused poor quality. 

Statistics showed that from January 13 to 22, the concentration of substances in the air was quite high, especially PM10 and PM 2.5.  

However, during Tet holidays, the local air quality was relatively good. Air quality index fluctuated from 34 in January 26 to 96 in January 23. 

From January 25-27, heavy rains helped purify the air quality at goodlevel at 11 out of 11 air monitoring stations. This was the time when the air quality was regarded as the best over the past years.

However, after Tet holidays, the air quality declined to poor and bad levels. AQI fluctuated from 116 on January 30 to 196 in February 2. 

Experts attributed the poor air quality to  the number of vehicles to return to the city, more air emission, and bad weather (fog, high humidity, silent wind, and fewer rains). 

Director Dong reported that the Department is investing in an automatic air monitoring system (including 20 fixed air monitoring stations and a mobile air monitoring station). The project will be finalized in 2020. 

The Department worked with consultants to select 50 avenues for installment of air monitoring stations in Q1. 

Besides existing stations, 50 sensor stations and 20 fixed stations will be invested. Hence, Ha Noi will have a system of 81 air monitoring stations by late 2020./. 

By Kim Anh