HN targets 7.5% GRDP growth rate by 2020


VGP – The capital city of Ha Noi aims to achieve a 7.5% Gross Regional Domestic Product (GRDP) growth rate by 2020.

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The goal is set at Plan 66-KH/TU of the Municipal Party Committee to implement Politburo’s Conclusion 22-KL/TW, dated November 7, 2017 and the Politburo’s Resolution 11-NQ/TW, dated January 6, 2012 on orientations and development of Ha Noi in the 2011-2020 period.

The city targets to transform economic structure towards service, industry, agriculture, and high-quality service. Especially, by 2020, GRDP per capita would hit VND 140-145 million (equivalent to US$ 6,700-6,800). Average labour productivity would grow at 6.5% per year. Social investment mobilization would touch VND 2.5-2.6 quadrillion.

Ha Noi would strive for over 80% of its communes meeting the new-style rural area criteria.

In terms of culture and society, the city will build and develop the traditional civilization, cultural diversity, and elegant and civilized people; urban cultural lifestyle; preserve and develop tangible and intangible cultural values.

By 2020, the rate of trained workers (with certificates) would account for 70-75%. Urban unemployment rate would be cut under 4%. The proportion of poverty in line with multi-dimensional standards would be kept under 1.2%.

The Municipal Party Committee also targets to make remarkable changes in social safety, transport, prevention of crimes and social evils.

The Committee sets a group of six solutions including raising awareness of public servants, party members, and people on the role and position of the City; promoting economic development especially knowledge economy, transformation of growth model, implementation of three strategic breakthroughs, fast and sustainable development growth, modernization of urban infrastructure, management of construction, land, environment, and modern urban building ./.

By Khanh Phuong