HN responds to coronavirus in new period


VGP – The local authorities of Ha Noi have decided to relax restrictions and resume socio-economic activities while ensuring precautious measures to reduce the risk of exposure to the novel coronavirus. 

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Chairman of the Ha Noi municipal Nguyen Duc Chung issued Directive 07/CT-UBND on Covid-19 prevention and control in the new situations on April 28

The Chairman requested departments, sectors, agencies to thoroughly observe the PM’s initiated guidelines “fighting  the coronavirus likes fighting an enemy” and mobilize the entire political system and citizens to participate in the effort. 

The city persistently follows preventive measures including prevention, detection, isolation, and treatment and absolutely stays alert to the disease. 

Generally, Ha Noi will gradually lift restrictions and restore socio-economic activities on the basis of properly containing the Covid-19 outbreak. 

In the city, festivals, religious services, sport events, mass gatherings at public spaces will continue to be suspended. Bans on non-essential services like playgrounds, entertainment sites, beauty salons (excluding hair salons), karaoke bars, bars, electronic games, theatres, and cinemas are still put in place. 

Restaurants and café vulnerable to infection must seriously adhere to 2-meter distance regulation; install physical barriers; and encourage take-away   services. 

Factories, production sites, and construction sites are operational but must strictly observe precautions for workers. 

Inter-municipal and local public transportation activities are allowed to reopen while safety prevention requirements are in place such as face coverings, medical declaration, and hand sanitization. 

Service shops, commercial centers, supermarkets (excluding food stores, pharmacies, petrol stations, groceries in markets) are requested to daily open after 9:00 in a bid to minimize transport density in urban areas. 

The local authorities also recommended that local residents avoid going out if not necessary and mass gatherings of over 20 persons at public spaces and stay at least one meter apart./. 

By Kim Loan