HN removes special conditions for residency registration


VGP – The authorities of Ha Noi have agreed to abolish household registration books and specific regulations on residency registration in municipalities.  

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The Vietnamese parliament's Legal Committee has held a meeting with the local authorities to inspect the enforcement of some provisions of the Law of Residence (amended) in the city.

The Ha Noi municipal People’s Committee reported that the elimination of resident registration in municipalities would help increase the number of registers. 

At present, registers are coping with difficulties of temporary residence in three consecutive years, house renting, and lower areas of residence in comparison with average area. 

Hence, Ha Noi’s own conditions on residency registration will be removed to ensure the Vietnamese citizens' right to reside anywhere in their own country.

Statistics showed that the number of administrative procedures which require household residency book – so-called “ho khau” in Vietnamese decreased to 25 in comparison with that of nearly 40 in 2017. 

Earlier, the household registration and its certificate have been in effect since the 1960s as an instrument of public security, economic planning, and control of migration. In the post-war period, the book was used as a means to ration food and allocate jobs under the then planned economy.

The administrative measure of household certificate has only served to cut the number of residency registration but failed to curb the rural-urban immigration trend. In addition, it has caused inequality in residency rights and made people from other provinces find it more difficult to access power, water, and study services. 

According to a report by the municipal People's Committee, HaNoi is currently the second most populous city in Viet Nam, after Ho Chi Minh City, and also has the second highest population density nationwide, with an average of 2,398 people per square kilometer, 8.2 times higher than the national average.

Its population is distributed unevenly in which the most populous districts are Dong Da and Thanh Xuan.   

As of June 30, 2020, Ha Noi has 7.855 million people, of them around 6.744 million are permanent residents and about 1.1 million are living in temporary residency status./.

By Kim Anh