HN plans to abolish personal motorbikes


VGP – The Capital Ciy of Ha Noi is considering banning motorbikes entirely by 2030 and   other measures like fee collection in rush hours and stricter regulations on app-based ride hailing services in an effort to relieve traffic pressure and environment pollution.

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Authorities are seeking public opinions on a resolution under development named ‘Enhanced management of vehicles and reduction of pollution in 2017-2020 period, with a vision towards 2030,’ which will be submitted to the municipal People’s Council for consideration soon.

In the 2017-2020 period, the city will take stock of all motorbikes and develop an emissions standard which will be used to remove outdated bikes that fall short of environmental standards.

In 2025-2029, the city will pilot banning motorbikes in certain hours and days, on some streets or in the urban centers, moving towards a total ban in 2030, with electric bikes not exempt from the ban.

Simultaneously, the city will develop public transportation, which includes long-term plans like urban rail system, bus rapid transit system and other buses.

According to Ngo Anh Tu, Director of the Science Research and Training Centre under the municipal Department of Transport, one of the parties developing the resolution, the ban on motorbikes will be imposed in urban districts, regardless of whether the bikes are from outside or inside the city.

The ban will “surely have impacts on people’s ways of life,” so public opinions are still being sought, he said.

In Ha Noi, public transportation can only handle 8-10% of public demand and at the current rate of development, in 13 years, the rate will only reach about 20-22%./.

By Kim Loan