HN absorbs US$ 1.04 billion of FDI


VGP – As of May 19, Ha Noi absorbed US$ 1.045 billion of FDI, including 255 newly licensed projects worth US$ 327 million; 63 expanded projects with US$ 378 million and 468 others receiving US$ 340 million of foreign capital contribution. 

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The real estate and construction sector obtained US$ 378 million of FDI. The trade and service sector absorbed US$ 411 million, the processing and manufacturing sector with US$ 192 million; and the agro-forestry-sector with US$ 1.7 million. 

Singapore was the largest FDI provider by pouring US$ 262.7 million, accounting for 25.1%; followed by Japan with US$ 230 million (22%); Taiwan (China) with US$ 185.5 million (17.7%); and the RoK with US$ 106.9 million (10.2%). 

In the first months of 2020, the local authorities of Ha Noi spared no effort to streamline administrative procedures and resolve business difficulties./. 

By Kim Anh