Ha Noi seeks to improve quality of universal preschool education


VGP – The Ha Noi People’s Committee has designed a plan aiming to build and develop a network of kindergartens towards standardization, modernization, socialization and international integration.

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Accordingly, the plan seeks to improve the quality of universal preschool education for five-year-old kids, moving towards meeting the preschool education universalization standards for preschool children by 2025.

From now to 2020, the plan targets to mobilize kids in preschool age to go to school, improve the quality of child care and education and approach preschool education of countries in the region and the world.

In addition, the network of kindergartens and preschool classes will be developed towards standardization, modernization and international integration, with 65-70% of public kindergartens targeted to reach the national standards.

The plan also sets the goals of ensuring standard clean water and hygienic facilities for all kindergartens and preschool classes, and building at least one high-quality kindergarten in each district and town.

With regards to the building and development of preschool education staff, the plan targets 80% of teachers and 100% of managers having preschool pedagogy college qualification or above, and 100% of preschool teachers meeting the vocational standards.

Besides, the Ha Noi preschool pedagogy intermediate school will be promoted to a college, in order to meet the target of 80% of preschool teachers with college/university education or above by 2020.

The plan will also works to build a modern preschool model, renovate the preschool education contents and methods towards international integration, accelerate the mobilization of non-State funding for preschool education, and strengthen international cooperation.


By Vien Nhu