Ha Noi: CPI rises 0.86% in January


VGP – The consumer price index (CPI) in Ha Noi in January saw a month-on-month rise of 0.86% and a year-on-year growth of 2.06%, the Ha Noi Statistics Office reported. 

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The local Statistics Office attributed the surge to higher costs of restaurants and food services (up 1.22% against last month). 

In addition, increasing prices of petrol, building materials, fuel posted a month-on-month increase of 1.17%. Petrol prices were adjusted two times, contributing to raising CPI in the first month. The rest of commodities saw modest changes (excluding footwear, hat, garments and textiles, post, and telecom).

In January, gold price picked up 1.86% and USD price suffered a drop of 0.03%.

Earlier, the General Statistics Office reported that CPI in January rose by 0.51% against the previous month and 2.65% against the same period last year./.  

By Kim Anh