Ha Noi’s tourism sector promptly seizes opportunities from domestic tourists


VGP – After a long period of quietness, tourist arrivals to Ha Noi in December 2020 surged by over 29% compared to the previous month, mainly domestic visitors.

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The figure, released by the Ha Noi Department of Tourism, shows a good signal in recovering year-end tourist arrivals and demonstrates that the city’s tourism stimulus program has gradually proved effective. 

The capital’s tourism sector has rapidly seized opportunities and launched many solutions to attract visitors and regain the growth momentum as previously.

Stimulating domestic tourism

In November, a number of tourism and trade stimulus activities as well as cultural and sports events took place across Ha Noi, drawing a certain number of tourists to the capital.  

These are positive moves in response to the tourism stimulus programs launched by the tourism industry and the city. 

This month, a series of events continue to be held. One of the highlights is the folklore festival in contemporary life, which has been thoroughly prepared and much anticipated.

Preparing conditions to reconnect with international tourist markets

In November 2020, international tourist arrivals to Ha Noi reached 21,000, a month-on-month increase of 5%, but basically the visitors were still diplomats, those in charge of public affairs, investors and returned Vietnamese citizens. 

Currently, travel businesses are still updating information about the pandemic situation and the prevention and control work, as well as policy changes in each country. 

They are expecting that in the near future when the disease is brought under control, the international tourism market will soon recover. 

Therefore, many businesses have now prepared themselves for the reconnection with the international tourism market when Viet Nam allows in foreign tourists.

Touching upon this issue, a representative of the Flamingo Redtours Joint Stock Company said that, in addition to serving domestic customers, the company has prepared products to welcome international visitors to Viet Nam or take Vietnamese tourists abroad when getting the permission from the Government. 

Some previously attractive products, such as tours to Europe, Japan, the Republic of Korea, Thailand and Singapore tours, are always available to serve the needs of visitors as soon as the market reopens.

Despite facing difficulties caused by the COVID-19 epidemic, the tourism sector of Ha Noi in particular and of the whole country in general has always strived to overcome and find new directions to adapt.

Travel businesses believe that new opportunities always arise in difficult circumstances, and they will quickly seize those opportunities to gradually recover and regain the growth momentum./.

By Vien Nhu