Creating a modern urban space in Ha Noi


VGP – The emergence of many synchronized urban areas, modern high-rise buildings and key transport infrastructure facilities have constituted a picture of Ha Noi urban appearance that is transforming every day.

Hà Nội will develop modern car park in downtown. With space limited in downtown Hà Nội, parking spaces are at a premium. — Photo: NA/VNS 

The more than thousand-year-old capital has gradually been realizing its goal of becoming the most modern city in the region.

New look

Since the expansion of Ha Noi’s administrative boundaries, especially the Prime Minister’s approval of the capital city construction master plan in 2011, the planning and construction work has been drastically directed by the municipal Party Committee and People’s Committee. 

A large number of general planning, district planning and sectoral planning projects have been approved, creating favorable conditions for the building, development and creation of a modern and civilized urban look. 

The presence of new urban areas in Ha Noi has positively contributed to not only addressing the people’s housing needs but also boosting economic growth and creating better living spaces. 

In particular, for a developed city, Ha Noi has now been accelerating the development of regional-scale modern projects such as the Kim Quy Park, the Exhibition and Fair Center and smart cities in the urban region north of the Red River. 

Together with large-scale projects and modern construction works, transport facilities are one of the striking breakthroughs of a large modern city.

In recent times, a series of key works and projects have been completed and put into operation, not only helping to enhance Ha Noi’s transport capacity but also becoming the architectural and scenic highlights and the pride of the people in  the capital city and the whole country.

Mobilizing resources for sustainable development

The aforementioned outstanding results have been attributed to the drastic direction from the municipal leaders in the planning and construction work. 

According to Director of the Ha Noi Department of Planning and Architecture Nguyen Truc Anh, the city has thus far approved 57 out of 68 general and subdivision planning projects which cover nearly 90% of the natural area. 

In addition, Ha Noi has implemented the establishment and approval of 26 out of 35 inner city planning projects, four out of five satellite urban planning projects, 11 out of 11 general town let construction planning projects, and five out of five technical infrastructure planning projects, alongside a large volume of detailed planning, urban design, red line boundaries and peculiar planning. 

These planning projects have helped to improve the management tools from the city to localities, control investment and investment mobilization, and serve the capital’s socio-economic development.

Anh said that the trend of urban reconstruction and development in Ha Noi would continue to grow strongly in the near future.

The urbanization process is not only to expand and develop new development areas under planning but also to promote the process of urban reconstruction and inner city embellishment. 

Ha Noi is actively restructuring the socio-economic spaceand reorganizing functional subdivisions for industrial, service and urban development in a sustainable manner, meeting the development requirements. 

The city will continue to synchronously develop new urban areas following the standards of “green-cultural-civilized”, while implementing the building of five satellite cities in association with better handling housing issues and waste treatment, ensuring environmental sanitation and building civilized urban lifestyle. 

Ha Noi will mobilize all resources to create breakthroughsin infrastructure investment, especially transport infrastructure and frame technical infrastructure, so as to create a premise for the acceleration of the process of building a civilized and modern capital.

After ten years of merging and administrative-boundary expansion, Ha Noi has changed dramatically in its economic growth, appearance and infrastructure. 

A new Ha Noi, with open spaces, has created conditions for the city to plan space in the direction of sustainable development.

By Vien Nhu