Capital to tighten management of tour guide network


VGP – The Ha Noi Association of Tour Guides under the Ha Noi Tourism Association was founded with key missions of associating members in developing tourism in the Capital in particular and the whole country in general. 

The Ha Noi Association of Tour Guides makes debut, January 16, 2018

The Viet Nam Association of Tour Guides was founded last November. It was expected to beef up the development of the contingent of Vietnamese tour guides in both number of number and quality; tighten the management of tour guides; contribute to converting tourism into an economic spearhead of the country. 

Mr. Nguyen Hong Dai, a member of the Ha Noi Tourism Association in 2017-2020, General Director of the Pacific International Tourism Company was appointed as Head of the association.

Statistics showed that the number of tour guides in Việt Nam increased sharply over the past years, to nearly 20,000 people at present. In 2016 alone, the Government discovered 200 cases of fraudulent certification documents. In addition to legal violations, some tour guides lack necessary professional skills and fail to meet international tourists’ expectations. Over 50% of the guides do not have social insurance. 

Under the Law of Tourism 2017, tour guides must have tour guide cards, be part of the staff of a specific travel agency or company or a member of a social organization related to tour guides. The Nam Association of Tour Guides will serve as a social organization that can provide necessary qualifications. 

The Viet Nam Association of Tour Guides is a social organization for Vietnamese citizens working as tour guides. The association will represent its member’s rights and legal interests. The association will not only help its members to sharpen their professional skills, but also will develop the network of its members./.

By Khanh Phuong