Capital reaps economic achievements


VGP – Ha Noi has attained positive achievements in the 2016-2020 period

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Fulfilling goals ahead of schedule

In the 2016-2020 period, total GRDP was estimated at 7.39%, higher than the average rate of 6.93% in the 2011-2015 period of which the industrial sector expanded by 8.3%; the service sector by 7.12%; and the agro-forestry-fishery sector by 2.54%. Average export growth rate was 9%, 1.7 times higher than the rate of 5.25% in the 2011-2015 period

Total factor productivity (TFP) contributed nearly 46% of GRDP, higher than the national average rate of 44.3%. 

Labor productivity was estimated at VND 258.3 million per labor, 1.65 times higher than the national average rate, increasing by 6.15% on average, exceeding the preset goal of 5.4-5.9%. 

In additional, sectoral structure has been transformed in a positive manner towards knowledge-based economy, digital-based economy, and innovation. Especially, the processing and manufacturing industry accounted for about 91% of industrial production. The high-tech industry has been developing at 17 industrial parks and high tech zones. About 11,000 IT enterprises were founded, earning an average income revenue of US$ 10 billion. 

Out of 12 socio-economic preset goals, the norms on tourists and provincial competitiveness index (PCI) were realized two years ahead of schedule.  

Raising Capital’s status

In 2020, Ha Noi’s GRDP was estimated at about US$ 45 billion. GRDP per capita was projected at US$ 5,420, up 1.5 times against that of 2015, equivalent to 1.8-fold higher than national average rate. 

Total trade turnover was estimated at US$ 48.47 billion, up 1.34 times against 2015, accounting for 8.6% of national total figure. The city makes up 1% of national area and 8.5% of population scale but contributes nearly 16% of GDP; 18.5% of budget collection; 8.6% of national trade turnover.

Ha Noi’s PCI constantly jumped over the past seven years. The city ranked ninth among 63 localities in the PCI rankings (for 2018 and 2019). 

Ha Noi maintained its second place nationwide in the 2018 Public Administration Reform (PAR) index with a combined score of 83.98%, according to the PAR Index 2018 report.  

The city’s satisfactory index of public administration services (SIPAS) was maintained at over 80% and was fulfilled two years ahead of schedule. 

Since 2016, the city reviewed 261 administrative procedures and streamlined 183 procedures.

As of August 31, the city provided 1,671 public services in grade 3 and grade 4. 

In the coming time, Ha Noi will develop “Creative City” and take drastic measures  to reform the administrative mechanism; improve the investment and business environment; and raise rankings in PAPI, PCI, PAR Index./. 

By Kim Loan