Capital prepares for massive vaccination campaign


VGP – Ha Noi is planning to carry out a large-scale COVID-19 vaccination campaign with over 5.1 million doses targeting all citizens.

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Local residents age 18-65 who do not belong to the prioritized groups are asked to register for Covid-19 vaccination via an electronic health record app downloadable at:

For those, who are not using smartphones, their paper declaration forms will be sent to the municipal People’s Committee with support from localities, which will be then digitized.

Through the electronic health record app, people will receive information about their injection sites and the expected times of vaccination.

Through this app, the inoculated person will update their health status after vaccination as well as report abnormal health symptoms in the app, and consult medical staff to have guidance on examination and treatment timely.

If the supply is sufficient, Ha Noi will try to deliver a maximum of 200,000 injections a day. The city is also establishing 824 vaccination stations, and deploying 100 mobile emergency aid teams to respond in case any post-injection reactions occur.

At present, all wards and communes have asked residents to register for inoculations. People can register for vaccination right at wards or communes where they live, or online via the COVID-19 vaccination portal.

Ha Noi's recently-approved vaccination plan sets the target of inoculating 95% of local residents against Covid-19 this year and the next year to build herd immunity.

The capital city has so far recorded 355 locally-transmitted cases since April 27 when the fourth wave of Covid-19 resurgence broke out./.

By Khanh Phuong