Capital makes breakthroughs in agricultural production


VGP  The Capital City of Ha Noi has conducted a series of policies which enable investors to research, transfer, and select effective investment methods and make breakthroughs in agricultural production. 

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Statistics showed that Ha Noi has an over 10 million population. Each month, local residents consumed 83,400 tons of rice, 84,100 tons of vegetables, 52,000 tons of fruits, 20,000 tons of pork, 5,200 tons of chicken, 5,050 tons of seafood, about 95 million of poultry eggs. 

The city gave priority to gradually formulate high-tech farming complexes towards sustainable growth. 

So far, the city has built and developed 135 chains on food safety from production to consumption including 56 ones on animal origins and 79 others on plant origins. 

In addition, 40 brand names were protected including Ba Vi hill chicken, Soc Son hill chicken, Son Tay cane chicken, Van Dinh ducks, Dai Thanh longan, and Boi Khe rice. 

The city also built an origin tracing system for agro-forestry-fishery products and granted accounts for 1,984 enterprises and 798 fruit stores. In addition, 2,500 products were given identification codes. The city also allocated over 5 million stamps for agricultural origin traceability.

Perfecting mechanisms and policies

Agricultural experts underlined the necessity to perfect mechanisms and policies which support investment into high-tech farming in line with practical circumstances. The effective mechanisms and policies must pay the way for not only enterprises but also production households.

Specifically, experts proposed simplification of loan procedures and perfection of land allocation policies in favor of large-scale production. 

Moreover, the city will allocate 2-5% of local budget for agricultural development. 

The local authorities will supplement insurance policies for agricultural products and support start-up enterprises on agricultural production./.  

By Kim Anh