Businesses and vocational training establishment boost connectivity


VGP – The local authorities of Ha Noi has deployed a series of measures on job generation for trained workers.

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The Ha Noi municipal People’s Committee has strengthened linkages with businesses and labor employers. The city directed the signing among three sides namely schools-businesses-laborers; boost cooperation among vocational training centers and businesses so that trainees will find it easier to find job after graduation. 

In addition, the city is also applying policies which facilitate enterprises and collectives in startup; support business establishment; assist SMEs in tax cuts. These policies target to raise competitiveness and sustainable growth, leading to more job generation. 

To accelerate labor supply and demand, the city is operating two job markets which are positioned at Tran Phu and Trung Kinh streets with two to three sessions per week. The city also yearly organizes 10-12 mobile job sessions for job seekers. 

Regarding labor market, two websites were put into operation. 

Moreover, the city also sent workers abroad in labor contracts and provided loans from the National Fund on Employment for laborers to develop business. 

Stable job generation of rural laborers reached 70-80%. 

In addition, a series of policies on vocation training have been given to people with beneficiaries. They will also get support for employment./. 

By Kim Anh