A boost to auxiliary industry development


VGP – Ha Noi has set forth a plan to house 900 enterprises operating in the auxiliary industry of which 400 enterprises will be able to meet international standards and join global production chain in Viet Nam. 

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Under the Plan implementing the Program on auxiliary industry development in the 2019-2020 period, by 2020, industrial production of auxiliary industry will account for about 18% of the processing and manufacturing sector. The auxiliary industry will yearly surge over 12%, contributing to spurring  the growth rate of industry by 9.78-10.79%. 

The plan targets to investigate about 1,000 enterprises operating in key industries namely processing and manufacturing, electricity-electronic, materials, garments and textiles, footwear, and packing. 

Information will be collected to build a database on support  industries.

In addition, the plan targets to build a website on support industries of Ha Noi. 

The plan also focuses on assisting auxiliary enterprises to become providers for domestic and foreign markets; and conduct investment promotion events./.

By Kim Loan