Ha Noi to pilot three minibus routes


VGP  – The Hanoi Transportation Corporation (Transerco) has recently announced to the municipal Department of Transport a proposal to open 14 new bus routes, including the pilot of three minibus lines in the city.

These are 20-24 seat minibuses that can pick up passengers in narrow streets so that they can easily access the public transportation system. 

Recently, Transerco has submitted the proposed project to the municipal Department of Transport. 

After receiving approval from the department, Transerco will start investment in the vehicles.

For the above-mentioned proposal, the Ha Noi Department of Transport has assigned the Transport Management subdepartment to review and evaluate the feasibility, then it will propose to the Ha Noi People's Committee to allow Transerco to pilot the project.

Long distance to bus stations is the main barrier for this means of transport to be favoured by local residents. Once the issue is solved, the number of people using public transport will increase, helping ease traffic congestion.

Last year, Transerco opened 17 new bus lines, expanding the service area to all 30 districts in Hanoi and took the first BRT bus route into operation on schedule with stable, safe quality.

By Vien Nhu