Asian Physics Olympiad opens


VGP – The 19th Asian Physics Olympiad (APhO 2018) is taking place at the Hanoi University of Science and Technology on May 6, attracting the participation of 188 contestants from 25 countries and territories.

Addressing the opening ceremony, Minister of Education and Training Phung Xuan Nha said that Viet Nam has successfully organised many regional and international Olympiads in recent years, such as the APhO 2004, the International Mathematics Olympiad in 2007, the International Physics Olympiad in 2008, the International Chemistry Olympiad in 2014, and most recently the International Biology Olympiad in 2016.

After 14 years, Viet Nam continues to take the honour of hosting the APhO, which is a vivid evidence of the international community’s trust in and recognition of Viet Nam’s educational development, he stated.

APhO President Kwek Leong Chuan hailed the contestants as the ambassadors of their own countries, asked contestants to make friends with others as many as possible to learn from their physical knowledge as well as their dreams and their countries’ cultures.
The APhO 2018 is taking place from May 6 to 13, featuring the participation of 188 candidates, 50 delegation heads, and 29 observers from 25 countries and territories. Viet Nam is represented by eight contestants.
At the 18th APhO, Viet Nam was among the seven nations to secure gold medals, with seven of its eight candidates being crowned medallists, including one gold, three silvers and three certificates of merit (equivalent to a consolation prize). 

By Vien Nhu